Snapchat will start reminding users to clean out their friends list

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Snapchat will start reminding users


Snapchat will start reminding users Snapchat is introducing a new feature it’s calling Friend Check-Up. On Snapchat, having someone friended could give them access to your story and even possibly your location, depending on your Snapchat Map settings, so Snap wants to make sure that everyone on your friend’s list is still someone you actually want to call your friend.

This feature could help make the platform safer for users if they choose to use it. It could be a good way to help you realize you might still have somebody friended that you don’t want to see your posts. And I know there’ve been plenty of times when I’ve looked at a friend or follower of mine and said “I have no idea who this person is,” or worse: “oops, my ex can see my sad tweeting.”

Snapchat  says that the feature will be rolling out globally on Android “in the coming weeks” and to iOS devices “in the coming months.” The reminder will show up as a notification on your profile screen, as you can see in this GIF:
friend checkup
The Friend Check-Up feature shows a notification reminding you to look at your friend’s list.
 GIF: Snap

If you’d like to do a check-up yourself before the feature rolls out, you can see your friends list by going to your profile and tapping on My Friends. You can remove a friend by tapping and holding on to their name until the Block / Remove friend menu appears.

The Friend Check-Up feature is part of a push from

Snapchat will start reminding users to make Snapchat a friendlier place, including adding new resources and integrations with the Trevor Project for LGBTQ+ youths, and MindUP for parents trying to understand and support their teenage children. The social network is also getting further integration with the Crisis Text Project for people seeking mental health assistance.


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